The Greens and green liberals are the big winners. The President Regula Rytz (57) and Jürg Large (50) dominate the headlines.

But the secret election winner, Gerhard Pfister (57) and CVP are.
your voters percentage remains practically stable. In the national Council and the
lose of the Christian democratic people’s party has just two seats. They defended the Council of States is also its Bastion – and could even win a mandate.

No left and no right-wing majority without CVP

is The Crucial point, however: The CVP is again to tip the scales. Not only, as hitherto, in the Council of States, but also in the national Council. The majority of the right of the SVP and the FDP is gone. Even with the Social or financial questions to the right ticking green liberal is nothing to make The Trio only comes to 98 seats.

But also to the left, the importance of the CVP to grow SP, and Green occupy just 67 seats. And in Eco-topics, the Alliance of SP, Green, and GLP-83-is also a losing battle.

This means: Without CVP’s nothing going on! Pfister is the majority buyer – to the king-maker. Especially since the group is much more closed than in the past. The power of the center party even stronger.

Green Federal Council only with Pfisters blessing

Even at the Federal Council elections, none comes more to the CVP. If the Greens get a seat at the expense of the FDP, depends on whether Pfister lowers his thumb, or stands.

For the Moment, he is not likely to shake the foundations of the current distribution of seats, however, sooner or later, the CVP will want to have back in the Bundesrat your position of power – by can make a deal with the Left and Right. As long as four representatives from the SVP and the FDP govern, does not work. Therefore, it would be for Pfister tempting to take the FDP a seat and it to the Green plug.

CVP is the climate compromise and the forging

the most important templates in the Parliament Pfister will leave even more on the CVP-stamp. Examples?

In the case of the AHV Reform, it needs to finally go forward. The crucial point is not whether the women’s pension age is increased to 65 years, but at what price. The Federal Council wants to raise 700 million Swiss francs, to the disadvantages of women cushion. Right, this is too much, the Left to little. It now depends on Pfister on which side you are oriented. When it comes to climate protection the CVP to the bridge Builder is. The upcoming CO2 legislation, you will need to have the left-green demand rush of steam, so as to keep the FDP in the boat. The SVP has already announced the Referendum. Pfister is forging the climate compromise.In transport policy, the CVP is in the right direction. Flows even more money in roads or rails? With the railway Fund Fabi and the road Fund, NAF, the base is placed, but in the different development steps will be decided, how much money and where it flows. New the Velopolitik add: transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga wants to strengthen the role of the Federal government. Pfister draws, he makes with the left-Green-Green Switzerland for Cycling. Conservative weakened

Pfister himself was not available for VIEW. He makes in Venice (I), a “piccola pausa” from the strenuous election campaign, as he tweeted.

General Secretary Gianna Luzio (39) confirmed the increase in the power: “The CVP will be able to take the national Council increasingly to the role it holds in the Council of States already, and constructive solutions for the benefit of Switzerland and its population.”

The Form of rigid alliances and blocks, whether to the left or right – was not misleading. “The CVP will have to find the political center for all your sustainable solutions Partner,” says Luzio.

Almighty Pfister in the new Parliament will not be. In socio-political issues, the Parliament is ticking progressive. It is more difficult for the conservative forces CVP and SVP also in the agriculture policy.

the “ruler of the middle” can not turn in any case, and rule as he wants, shows, of all things, the CVP-prestige project: In the case of the abolition of the marriage penalty, he must reckon with new hurdles. Here, the evidence suggests that the SP, the greens, FDP and the green-liberal will prevail. You want to tax the spouse in the future, individually best.

campaign work

What had not have Gerhard Pfister listen to before the elections, everything. The CVP will be in addition to the SVP, the big loser and fall under the magic 10-percent mark, certified surveys. Pfister politicize with his subjects, the people passing by and put up with the Social Media campaign on the wrong horse.

It was not to be, As only the Federal Council, the party, the CVP lost only minimal. Long faces were seen at the SVP, FDP and SP. Obviously, Pfister and co. have got some things right. As his party moved with 77 lists in the election battle – record. This flood of candidates mobilised on the Basis of quite obvious. To operate mainly because all the candidates had to agree, in spite of a hopeless situation actively in the election.

Also, the CVP-dominated with a provocative Negative campaign on the Internet the headlines, what has helped the party perhaps. Or was there a Amherd effect? The defence Minister was named in a survey, after all, to the sympathetic councillor. (nmz)