On Thursday 26 march 2020 at about 16.30 hours, he left the 44-year-old, Her Perdrieux to walk home in Le Plata in the “rue des Ateliers” in Morlanwelz. Since then, lacking any trace of her. Her is between 1.70 and 1.80 meters tall and of heavy build. She has black hair down to the shoulders. At the time of her disappearance was wearing it with a blue pair of jeans with sparkles, a black, pull, and black boots. Do you have Her seen, or do you know where they are staying, please get in contact with the people on the toll-free number 0800/30 30 to 0. You can bear witness by opsporingen@police.belgium.eu. You can get the message to be read at the www.politie.be.

Her Perdrieux is missing