The bourgeois parties in the Danish Parliament has on Sunday evening left the negotiations with minister of health, Magnus Heunicke (S) on a re-opening of the health care system.

It illuminates the Left, the Danish people’s Party, Conservative, New Civil and Liberal Alliance in a joint press release.

That lack of focus on patients ‘ rights, says the explanatory memorandum.

the Parties calls for a clear plan and robust security from the government, when patients have completed treatments and operations.

They criticize at the same time, the minister of health for “only to have laid out some broad principles for a reopening of the health services on the negotiating table”. It is not enough, they say.

– a Great many danes can right now not get the treatment or surgery they need. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial for us, that we as soon as possible to re-establish patients ‘ rights, said Martin Geertsen, sundhedsordfører for the Left.

He refers to the udredningsgarantien and behandlingsgarantien, which has been suspended under coronakrisen.

– we have spent the whole day on to get the government to give clear answers, but we have not been able to get, and it is not good enough with some loose principles that leave patients without any form of certainty and clarity about when they can come to, he says.

Both the Danish people’s Party and the New Bourgeois points out that it is important for them that all the spare capacity in the Danish health care system is taken in use – also in private.

– the Minister could not ensure that the private hospitals, where several of these patients were cancelled from it, would be a part of the capacity, one would use, says Liselott Blixt (DF).

– For the New Civic, it is important that we use all the available capacity, when we need to with the backlog that has arisen in the health service after the government, Denmark closed down, says Lars Boje Mathiesen (NB).