discover The Good in a crisis to manage, usually only when she is overcome. Not for nothing, the Chinese have since centuries the same character for crisis and opportunity.

And we already can see changes that enrich us even in the time after Corona.

We learn to appreciate the nature

There is currently no one who is careless or grumpy for a walk. After hours in the apartment, nature gets the attention it deserves. People enjoy the clear, fresh air without fine dust from cars and aircraft.

Who are the birds sounds in the morning a loud chirp as before, has the feeling of nature is recovering from the people. And who appreciates the nature, will also protect you.

We respect the Elderly

We keep the public life, especially for the elderly and sick fellow citizens. Before the crisis, we have urged our Old to the edge, in homes, deported, on the street or supermarket as an obstacle curse. You are a pillar of the society that deserves respect.

And the Selfie Generation is learning that solidarity is prior to individuality.

We recognize what is really important professions are:

the heroes of The crisis are people working in hospitals and doctor’s offices work, there are supermarket cashiers, teachers, Postal and package carriers.

most of them are poorly paid. Since our recognition also helps after the crisis, at least a little bit.