A closer cooperation of the two railway companies would make the new facility as “Green-field” is superfluous, so is the hope of the opponent.

The community of interest (IG) Riedbach, in the enemies, but it reiterated its position that cooperation between SBB and BLS is “urgently needed, and for years now due”.

That the two paths were in the battle for lucrative long-distance rail lines in the hair, and a veritable “war of the highways” led, is an economic nonsense, writes the IG in a message from Monday. The planning of the workshop had to be stopped.

SBB chief Andreas Meyer to the Berner traffic Director Christoph Neuhaus (SVP) to an informal Department Meetings have to offer for the BLS in the amount of 60 million Swiss francs submitted to, as the “Sunday newspaper” reported.

According to the article should have referred to Meyer a little later, the BLS Management team Bernard Guillelmon. But this time, as the “Sunday newspaper”, didn’t Meyer spoke of a purchase offer, but that he had offered the Canton of Bern BLS for sale.

So that was taken care of for irritation on all sides. Traffic Director Christoph Neuhaus tried to smooth out on Monday the waves in an Interview with “Berner Zeitung”: “I stress very clearly: The BLS is a non-negotiable. For us a sale, according to today’s point of view is out of the question.” Also, a substantial participation of the SBB, the BLS, according to Neuhaus, is currently not up for debate.

Neuhaus himself had want to improve the dialogue between SBB and BLS again. To this end, he suggested that the SBB to close their gaps in delivery of trains with BLS trains.

“By the dispute over long-distance lines was crushed between the two cars a lot of dishes.” Switzerland’s Railways as a market is simply to small for a grueling battle between your state.

Neuhaus admitted in an Interview that the Canton had to regularly make a determination of the location to see whether its current investment strategy was still the right thing to do. “We are not allowed to ride in the Canton of Bern, simply and automatically so on as in the past, but must make adjustments where they are appropriate,” the SVP to bear in mind governing Council.

The SBB has been pointed out on Sunday against the news Agency Keystone sda, that you have the Berner traffic Director is not a purchase offer. There were also no plans to participate in the BLS. A participation that would result from the SBB only be considered if the owner would like this. But at the moment there is any evidence of that.