Vladimir Putin’s former speechwriter Abbas Galliamov has revealed an alleged exit plan by the Kremlin ruler. An emergency evacuation of the Russian President has therefore been planned for a long time. Russia expert Gerhard Mangott considers this scenario absolutely absurd.

Putin and his closest confidants are said to have been working on an escape plan from Russia since spring. This is reported by the former President’s speechwriter, Abbas Galliamov, on his Telegram channel. Codenamed “Noah’s Ark,” this plan to get Putin out of the country is said to be running.

The name is intended to imply “that new land must be found in the event that things get very uncomfortable at home,” reports the US news magazine Newsweek. Accordingly, Putin’s confidants would not currently rule out the possibility that he could lose the war and thus his power and, as a result, would have to be evacuated immediately.

There is also said to be whispering about a possible place of escape: China, Argentina and Venezuela are at the top of the escape list, according to Galljamov. According to Galliamov, Yuri Kurilin, Vice President of Rosneft, would take care of Putin’s allegedly planned escape.

What is the truth behind Putin’s alleged escape plans? Gerhard Mangott, professor of political science at the University of Innsbruck and a proven expert on Russia, explains to FOCUS online why he does not believe in such an escape plan.

Mangott: “There are absolutely no signs that Putin’s position in Russia is currently in jeopardy.” Because in the relevant circles there would be no attitude against Putin – even if the Russian power elite is increasingly discussing the price of a victory should pay in Ukraine.

“The fact that Putin already has plans to escape is absolutely absurd,” emphasizes Mangott. On the other hand, he thinks another scenario is more likely: As Putin’s former speechwriter, Galljamov is ultimately interested in making as much profit as possible from his past in this war situation. “I think he made up this story,” Mangott is convinced.

Because even if the Russian population meanwhile considers Russia’s defeat in Ukraine to be a possibility, Putin is far from a disastrous defeat in the war. The Russia expert makes it clear that he can still imagine that Russia could lose the war and that Putin could lose his position or even be overthrown in the event of a defeat.

But would Putin really have to flee? Mangott has a clear opinion on this: “Even if Putin were toppled, there is no need for him to leave the country and certainly not to China or even Venezuela. It’s all a completely unrealistic scenario.”