Your body is your capital, and professional footballers often use unconventional methods to care for it. RB Leipzig’s Yussuf Poulsen had all four wisdom teeth pulled to stay fit.

Preventive dental surgery: Yussuf Poulsen had all four wisdom teeth removed in order to rule them out as a possible cause of his susceptibility to injury. This is reported by the “image”. The 28-year-old striker from RB Leipzig survived the operation well, they say.

Short, compact, clear

Poulsen pulls out all the stops: “It’s about ruling out things that could possibly trigger these muscle injuries,” says Poulsen. “That’s why I undergo certain screenings, have specialists examine me and, among other things, have all my wisdom teeth pulled right away. This is all an ongoing process that is not yet complete.”

Poulsen is slowed down by numerous injuries: Poulsen sustained his fifth muscle injury in a year in mid-June and is currently working on his comeback. The injury is “not 100 percent healed” yet, but with the Winter World Cup in Qatar he has a clear goal in mind. Poulsen: “I’m still convinced that I can do it.”