“Never two without three”, goes the saying. After opening Les Cuisiniers two years ago, then Divino last year, chef Ian Perreault is back with a new project on the South Shore. This time, Mediterranean flavors are in the spotlight.

Located in the same building as its two other establishments in Sainte-Julie, the Cantine Grecque was imagined in the spirit of the canteens of yesteryear, where “good and simple” food was quickly served, says the chef.

AAA shoulder tenderloin skewers, chicken breast souvlaki, pitas and tzatziki are on the menu at the restaurant, which offers meats grilled over charcoal and bring your own wine.

Anxious to satisfy the appetite of customers in a hurry, Ian Perreault chose to bet on a system allowing ordering and payment directly at the table. In the room of about forty places, we also notice the presence of a robot which comes to support the team.

“But there will always be a server on site,” says the chef, aware that these technological aspects may put some people off. However, he believes he has an interesting concept in these times of labor shortages. He also hopes to multiply it soon. “The goal is to open more,” he says.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.