The first Miss Pho was born five years ago, in Saint-Laurent. It’s a beautiful story of family and filiation. Chi Tran’s mother had owned a restaurant on Rue Jean-Talon for five years, across from the Harricana brewery. A 40% rent increase destroyed his dream.

Around the same time, Chi, a new mother, began thinking about a career change. The one who worked in wealth management finally decided to embark on a project that could include her mother, her brother and even other family members, who continue to work in their fields while lending a hand to the ‘occasion.

And now a second Miss Pho has just seen the light of day, in Laval, in the new Espace Montmorency business center, right next to the metro. This will ultimately have 700 apartments, 15 office floors, 1 hotel and 32 businesses.

With Place Bell and Montmorency College on the other side of the street, the restaurant can count on a very large customer base. And who doesn’t regularly want pho soup, grilled meats or a generous bánh mì on the go?

Don’t forget to order the excellent spring rolls, these rolls that are lighter and crispier than the “imperials” thanks to their rice paper wrapper, and the “Vietnamese-style” papaya salad, topped with very tasty dried beef.

The place also has a very pleasant colorful decor, which might make you want to stay a little longer to enjoy a fried banana!