After a long break opened in St. Petersburg Botanical garden is a unique place, where at any time of the year you feel like in the tropics. There is always good weather, the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Anastasia Glebova.

Victoria Amazonian tropical water Lily capable of their leaves to withstand the weight of an adult. You can see it in South America, having made a transatlantic flight or just without a visa, buying a ticket to the Botanical garden of St. Petersburg.

“there are a lot of plants in Central, South America and Asia, and Chinese plants, and Australia, and Africa. In each greenhouse, we have almost assembled the world’s supply of tropical plants”, – said the employee of the cultural-educational center of the BIN RAS Alexander Medvedev.

In the greenhouses it’s always fair weather, and this is despite the fact that built them in the 19th century. Under a glass dome – kilometres of heating pipes: tropical flowers, shrubs and trees feel almost like at home. But I live in capricious weather Petersburg a little, even in these greenhouses to blame for the shortage of the sun.

“We are unable to grow due to our very long winter: five month of the year almost without light, to heat the whole greenhouse at minus 20 quite difficult. So every year the whole green volume, which you now see, is grown from scratch”, – said the employee of the cultural-educational center of the BIN RAS Alexander Medvedev.

150 years ago, the forefathers of these delicate plants have come a long way from America to Russia in the form of seeds and shoots. Now their descendants allow Petersburgers year-round to return in the summer.

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