in Football, in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking amateurvleugel of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), it was a Wednesday, the names of the two clubs, which is not licensed for the second-and third-amateur. The NUMBER of Yellow-2nd, amateur (B) the gems on the second and third one, but it did not live up to the terms and conditions. Water (1st amateur) went to the licensing, in.

Also, Berchem Sport, might be licensed for a second, and a third one, but will have to go on Monday, however, is still an extra comment in the sports committee and Football in Flanders. All of the other 61 teams that made licentiedossier were received immediately in a positive outcome.

THERE is a Wrap up (2nd in the amateur B is generally flat rate), C.D.V Vosselaar (2nd in the amateur (B), the KSV Bornem (3rd, amateur (A), KVC Wingene (3rd, amateur (A), KSK Oostnieuwkerke (3rd, amateur (A), and the UK, Linden (3. an amateur (B) asked for any license key. FC Dender was doing it, but it got to the application eventually. In the Eastern part of Flanders, third tier of belgian football, remain in the first country.

It was the first time that teams from the second and the third, an amateur (in each case, two sets of sixteen teams in a licentiedossier had to submit to the Football, Flanders, belgium. Therein, the check Soccer ball to Flanders, or to the teams in the youth adequate opportunities, financial transparency, and locally-rooted.