Only one button Peskov told how the phone Putin

MOSCOW, April 26/ Radio Sputnik. Russian President Vladimir Putin is enough to press only one button to connect with a particular official, told the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, the TV channel “360”.

Peskov said that thanks to the special phone connection Putin can contact the leadership of the government, heads of departments, management and administration of other subscribers. He stressed that the head of state is actively using other methods of communication.

the assistant to the Russian leader stressed that such a mode of operation of the head of state – “no innovation”, and standard practice. Just this week, Putin held several meetings with governors of various regions via videoconference.

during the meetings, he called various government representatives to ask them a particular question, and to give orders.

a Kremlin spokesman stressed that such meetings are “not to be witty”. The President immediately responds to the questions put to him by the governors. For this, he used all means of communication that he has in stock.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that Dmitry Peskov said the President, firmly immersed in a particular topic, he becomes an expert.

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