Only every sixth company will take the credit for staff salaries

Executives of the South have told how a change in their business, whether it managed to preserve jobs and pay salaries to employees.

Only in Russia interviewed more than 24 thousand entrepreneurs, mainly small and medium-sized businesses, and individual entrepreneurs. Covers the whole spectrum of business: services, trade, manufacturing, catering, construction, tourism, domestic services, transport, education, agriculture, real estate, printing and publishing, computer services and communications.

One of the most pressing problems for entrepreneurs is the inability to use the measures of state support. So says the majority of managers – 63 percent. This question takes the first place for relevance. The second is the lack of money for rental payments. 58 percent of entrepreneurs admitted that the rent was too much to bear.

for Example, in the Astrakhan region, the tenants of shopping centers were on the verge of ruin, and were forced to turn to the Governor with a request to investigate the situation. In Rostov to achieve rental vacation or significant discounts on the rent also managed a few.

Owners of shopping centres have taken a wait, they don’t understand how in such conditions to take property. While most tenants never repaid the debt in April. Experts believe that after the quarantine, there is a great risk in General to lose tenants.

Slightly less than a quarter of executives surveyed said the lack of protection for employees.

More than 47 percent of traders noted that it did not have the technical ability to organize work remotely. That is, despite the targeted development of digital economy in the framework of the national project in a modern digital environment, apparently, not created everywhere.

as for measures of state support, 63% of entrepreneurs stressed that they are completely not help, we need others as well. And many companies do not have the right. Deferred tax will take 30 percent, credit vacation – only 19 percent, but to take a loan with a zero rate for the salary of the staff, only about 17 percent of the entrepreneurs.

“It’s a duty and it will have to give, and at minimum income, even such a credit could bring down the business – said the head of a small travel Agency Mikhail Selivanov. Now people do not buy the tours are not only abroad, but also for our country. Staff understood the difficulties, they leave and wait for when the demand for travel will recover.”

Heads of companies say they are not going to fire staff. But the statistics govor on the other. In the Rostov region every day from 1000 to 1500 people to register as unemployed. Registration and payment of unemployment benefits in the region now expect 15 thousand people.

However, in the Volgograd region the head of the Committee on labor and employment Dmitry Loktionov believes that unemployment in the region has not yet reached a critical level. To employment centers received about 6,000 applications. This is only slightly more than in other months.

Two-thirds of owners of small and medium enterprises said that they will take at least a year to restore it after the peak of the pandemic. This was announced by Director General of the analytical center NAFI Guzeliya Imaeva. But for the full recovery of the resources will require at least two years.

According to Azat Gazizov, first Vice-President “Support of Russia”, business support today is essential, but insufficient. Necessary business continuity plan for the future.

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