A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Finance told the “Bild” newspaper (Wednesday edition) that the rate of declarations received was just over 71 percent. A total of “around 37 million economic units” can be assumed for which explanations must be given. This means that the information for around 10 million units is still missing.

According to the information, almost 62 percent of the declarations submitted by Monday were submitted electronically. “In addition, an estimated 9.43 percent of the total expected declarations of determination are received on a paper form nationwide,” said the spokesman. He also pointed out that the number of economic entities for which a declaration of determination has to be submitted fluctuates over the course of the year.

The reform for the new property tax is complex – and this year it will require owners. You have to submit some data to the tax office. You have to be very precise and observe special deadlines. In our large guide you will find all the information you need to know in a compact form.

In the course of the property tax reform, millions of properties nationwide have to be revalued. Owners of houses, apartments and land must submit a number of data for the declaration. The deadline for this, which had already been extended by three months by the federal and state governments, expired on Tuesday evening.

Immediately before the deadline expired, Bavaria extended it by a further three months. The homeowners association