to Visit the interesting places of the capital and explore the history of the sights from the comfort of home, offers its residents the portal “Learn Moscow”. The top 10 most popular virtual tours of the project included online tours of historic buildings, as well as the Petrovsky traveling Palace, Pashkov House and the old mansions in the center of Moscow.

All users portal available 18 virtual walks around the capital. You can find them on the website “Discover Moscow” under “the House.”

the Most popular was the online tour of the Panorama of the capital, which opened with 17 viewpoints in different parts of the city, saw almost six thousand users of the portal. For example, from the bell tower of Ivan the Great in Kremlin you can see old streets of Zamoskvorechye and count seven sisters. From the roof of the Central children’s world on Lubyanka square stands the famous arch Tretyakov travel and Gothic facades pharmacies Ferraina, and the site is on the 33rd floor of the hotel “Ukraine” — the body of Tryokhgornaya manufactory and the dome of the Moscow planetarium. Just online round “the Roof of Moscow” contains 30 unique region. To view you must use the arrow pointer at the bottom of the screen.

the Second attendance — virtual tour of the Building was erected in 1786 by Vasily Bazhenov. Today, the Pashkov House is a complex of buildings of the Russian state library. It is a music Department and the Department of manuscripts, which was opened to visitors in 2009 after 20-year renovation of the estate. Online-walk at home made more than three thousand users.

Fourth place in the ranking took a walk through the Building in neo-Gothic style is the main decoration of one of the Central streets of the capital, Spiridonovka. The house was built for his beloved wife of industrialist Savva Morozov in 1898 under the project of architect Fyodor Shechtel. And for the decoration of the front interiors was invited by the artist Mikhail Vrubel. The mansion was visited by 2.1 thousand online users of the portal “Learn Moscow”.

Also in the top 10 most visited by the users virtual tours included tours of the mansion, Alexandra Derozhinskaya (1.1 thousand views), the Novo-Ekaterininskaya hospital (694 view), the estate of A.V. Morozov (587 views), mansion P. Smirnov (555 views) and the hotel “Leningrad” (518 views).

the Portal “Learn Moscow” is a joint project of the city government departments of information technology, culture, cultural heritage, education and science. Interactive guide to the sights of the capital contains descriptions of more than two thousand buildings and structures, monuments, 635, 327 museums, 196 territories, data on 207 historical figures, 127 thematic walking routes and 53 quests. Users��users is also available the same application for smartphones “Discover Moscow”, which you can download in the App Store and Google Play.

Staying at home, citizens can take a virtual walk on the roofs of famous historical buildings or explore the interior of old houses, manors, hotels and palaces. And for fans of quizzes on the portal “Learn Moscow” has collected more than 50 educational quests. Among them, the online quest for places in the capital, where the shooting took place the famous Soviet comedies. Answering 10 questions a virtual game, users will learn where she studied the heroine of the film “Come tomorrow” Frosya Burlakova and what street admired Ivan the terrible from the balcony of flats in one of the scenes of the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession.”

Recently, the portal “Learn Moscow” also joined the cognitive cycles of excursions and activities project #Mosqueteros. Now users can take fun online quests, developed on the basis of the city’s urban project.