By launching the online store Sur mon X six years ago, Valérie Pascale Rondeau wanted to take a path other than that of throwaway culture. Today adhering to the movement of discreet luxury (quiet luxury), it offers hand-picked objects that will stand the test of time.

On Instagram, you can see the objects chosen by Valérie Pascale Rondeau in several settings designed in the philosophy of slow living (a neologism proposed by the Office québécois de la langue française for slow living) and discreet luxury. After taking over the fashion world, discreet luxury is anchoring itself in interiors by focusing on discreet elegance and refined simplicity as well as the creation of a soothing atmosphere moving away from ostentation.

A stylist and designer who worked in retail for 20 years, Valérie Pascale launched her boutique long before this trend became the talk of the town. Wanting to free herself from consumerism and the ephemerality of fashion, she initially adhered to the idea of ​​a slower life, but over the years, her vision became more refined.

“Slow living and quiet luxury share somewhat the same values ​​in the sense that both advocate quality, simplicity, and make room for reflection on consumption. It’s the implementation that is different, indicates Valérie Pascale Rondeau. Quiet luxury tends towards quality and refinement, while slow living is towards minimalism and reduction. »

By adopting this approach, Valérie Pascale feels like she is reconnecting with her grandmother’s values. Because discreet luxury is not new. And it’s not just for the rich, she assures.

“In their modest house, there was still a reflection of my grandmother’s desire for grandeur, her taste for luxury and unique objects and the paintings of great masters that she carefully copied and had framed,” adds -she.

In her boutique, she offers a selection of home accessories: prints of old works, cushions, candlesticks, tableware, etc. Mostly new objects, which will always have their place in decor according to her, a bit like the little black dress in a wardrobe. But also old pieces, put online every Thursday.

Last summer, she launched a collection of frames, made in the Laurentians from natural materials. Second-hand frames containing old lithographs, drawings or paintings are what made Sur mon X’s reputation. “I imagine that the passion we carry in our veins for art is to blame,” reflects Valérie Pascale. Faced with a demand that she describes as “unsustainable”, she decided to launch her own collection, composed of prints on canvas of old works which can be purchased alone or framed. Recently, it has also offered a selection of images printed according to the size desired by the customer.

If you believe that these ancient landscapes and still lifes have no place in a contemporary decor, Valérie Pascale says the opposite. “It can fit into any decor. The idea to create a design that is meaningful and rich is to create contrasts. Design is a visual language. For it to be interesting, it takes rhythms, nuances, like a song. » To create impact in a decor, she also likes to use flowers, cabarets and books, which are too rarely used in decoration.

Although on Instagram, the aesthetic of discreet luxury is often embodied by earthy colors and a desaturated atmosphere, the designer believes that the style can find its place in a colorful interior, since the idea is above all ‘incorporate timeless objects that thrill us and that will stand the test of time.

“On my X means being where you should be in your life. It has been my life’s quest for a long time. I realized over time that where I wanted to be was in a place that made me feel grateful. It’s when you buy the most beautiful plates in the world and use them on a Tuesday night. It’s in the little everyday things that I think design can bring out where you peacefully find yourself. »

“I try to be intentional with my lifestyle choices and purchasing choices and that is reflected in my store. » To guide herself in her choices, she asks herself three questions: