In conditions of social isolation three political parties – the KPRF, the LDPR and the Party of Growth – celebrated online meetings. If these rallies were not “online”, and the traditional organization and layout of them would be exactly the same. Stage, music, microphone, flags, slogans, speeches. Everything, as always.

But the new online format was forced to abandon traditions and invent new approaches, which all three parties were completely different.

may day Communist rally took place at the Soviet television of the 70-ies of the last century. It started half an hour later than promised, but still started.

the leader of the party comrade Zyuganov on the background of the Communist paraphernalia were talking about the achievements of the Communists. His thesis is illustrated by a number of visual – photos and videos the socialist era.

Children’s choir in the background of the monument to Lenin sang “Beautiful far, do not be cruel to me”, and Gennady Zyuganov explained that after the revolution the country was 4 million homeless, but all Communists managed to cure people.

In the comments of the participants of the rally wrote feedback such as “congratulations! Lenin! Party! The Komsomol” and “Sincerely with all my heart thank you, Gennady Zyuganov, kept the party!”

Number of viewers at peak times reached 700 people.

Not much, when you consider that in the online rally, in contrast to traditional events, can participate not only Muscovites, but also inhabitants of the whole country.

a small number of participants was due, apparently, the fact that supporters of the Communist party the majority of people young and not terribly far from the Internet.

Read an interview with Gennady Zyuganov “Tomorrow everything will be reared, if nothing is done”

Pervomayskiy online a meeting of the liberal democratic party was held in an empty auditorium.

in addition to Zhirinovsky, there was still technical personnel, the guard and a few journalists. All in masks. Without a mask was one Vladimir Zhirinovsky, but nobody approached closer than 10 meters.

was Made by Zhirinovsky. His whole speech was devoted to the need to protect themselves. It was evident that he is afraid to get sick and nothing now can not think. No Mayday him in the head, and all thoughts revolve only around coronavirus. “The Prime Minister is sick! Who was infected? Fire! He was on a routine! So, the machine went home and infected in there! And I had to put the whole apparatus in the White House!”

Very abused Deputy Starovoitova, the liberal democratic party, which to him, Zhirinovsky, somewhere got too close, broke the social distance. Remembered his grandfather, who died of typhus. He accused the deputies, who go now to PR on TV shows in Ostankino, although they were asked not to go anywhere, to sit upmA, and they still go.

“We first put on gloves and masks – said Zhirinovsky with pride. And after we put them on the entire planet!”

he Argued, no one could, because the audience Pervomayskaya online broadcast of the liberal democratic party had the opportunity to comment. How many of them were – is also not clear. But at the time of writing this post, the video Pervomayskaya Zhirinovsky looked more than 4 thousand people.

The live online meeting has turned the Party of growth. There were two leading – Alexander Lyubimov Boris Titov. They in turn gave the floor to the members of the party from different regions.

All speakers have presented small and medium businesses and is very interesting to tell how difficult it is to survive during the quarantine, absolutely not helping the government.

the Main slogan of the rally was perfect Pervomayskiy: “We want to work!”

the Participants demanded the release of small business from paying taxes for three years, to halve the size of welfare payments and provide small and medium enterprises, water, heat and electricity.

it is decorated rally speech of Sergey Shnurova. All, of course, was expected of him to the Mat, and the artist did not disappoint.

the Theme of his may day speech, Cord chose the tasteless architecture of the city-resort of Sochi. Called it “faux Baroque” and, cursed hard, went to poor support of business in General: “it is better, mother, strangled at once, than to support! he said. – What, mother, business! Gilded plastic monsters as in architecture, so in their heads!”

After a brilliant performance, his sound online translation disappeared completely. Leading Lyubimov and Titov something else was said, but heard nothing there.

Then over again he heard the voice of the Cord. “Apparently, I’m too fucking told”, he said thoughtfully, explaining the cause of failure.

a Meeting of Party Growth was watched live by about 600 people. Written commentary was too much. Showman Nikolay Fomenko asked to answer them, but he just doesn’t have time to read, so quickly they have changed.

In General, online meetings, held in the international workers ‘ Day, showed that this form of party work is viable.

Political organizations, of course, have to work on the format and style of their mass actions in the Internet. But judging by the may day experiments, they have a good prospect. If we sit in quarantine for a couple of months, political online promotions can be very popular.