Online lessons has brought problems not only for children but also for adults

The first day of online learning

yesterday we have agreed with the eldest daughter that live by the school schedule, at 8 am without further ADO turn on the computers and sit down. I was to work, she’ll learn. But there it was.

Mom, I have nothing works!

However, you need to go back a few days ago. Our class is probably very lucky that we have a young and tech-savvy teacher. It is pre-placed in the trial lesson so we can practice, distributed logins and passwords for all related platforms, to check how correct all perceived of the user.

Photo: Maria Lentz / Komsomolskaya Pravda are the teachers to teach 16 million students remotely

Sunday passed remote parent meeting in Zoom, in the evening of the same day we decided to do a couple of test sessions. Of course, all rely on maximum independence of children, but the first few days the parents have to assume a lot.

Test job us fully failed – constantly froze up the second platform, “Mobile e-education”. In parallel to the parent chats were skirmishes messages: obviously, not cope, not only children but also adults.

the child sat at your computer, I – for your. Opened the email… “Mom, I have nothing works!”. Shut down your work e-mail, went to investigate.

In the parent chat Nizhny Novgorod was busy hung not only us. Tasks for the day in the end threw in the chat, where we agreed that while we pass the PM to the teacher, and then when the servers will cope with falling load, will start to be accountable for completing tasks there.

However, work properly throughout the day and failed. UchitelICA recorded a very good quality video on all the topics that were set for the day. But feedback like this is happening in the classroom is not enough. Function had to take on an adult. I confess, the task to formulate a rule of writing endings from certain words in the prepositional case I’m with my linguistic education mastered immediately. I thought to myself, how well that child learns in elementary school, parents do not have to remember no physics or chemistry.

In the end, the first day of the study lasted up to 17 hours. Perhaps it would be possible to concentrate and to do everything faster, but both adults have to work in parallel and to deter attacks younger daughter, accustomed that the last two weeks sister actively playing with her and not sitting at the notebooks.

Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti What parents need to know about digital educational resources

However, with distance learning everything is quite individually, there is also positive experience.

First online five

In Penza first day of distance learning began on schedule of school bells. At 8.30 our house was filled with voices of different teachers.

the Eldest son in the eighth grade, the Russian language explained to them introductory words and design. But when I heard of the problem of electromechanics, tightly closed the door to her son’s room. Physics I dislike from school.

the Lyceum, which learns the eldest son, completely turned the lessons in the format of video conferencing on the platform of the Zoom. This free app allows you not only to see the speaker, but also display a Board in which the teacher in real time explains the new material.

the Program, and the equipment was tested just last week, while the majority of schools rested. Sluchaloswhat feedback had problems – someone didn’t have the microphone or hang the Internet. In our class there are children from remote villages where there is still no fiber connection. But overall the sessions were productive.

On a laptop screen one after the other followed the teacher, they all worked from home. The new theme is explained, the homework is distributed. It is necessary to send an email to the teacher for review. Therefore, in the electronic magazine to appear soon the first evaluation.

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov/RIA Novosti Vice-Rector of the Ranepa: distance learning is not suitable for everyone

the Youngest son is ten years old, he’s still in elementary school. Kids are harder to teach on remote. In the class difficult to keep the attention of 30 restless children, and online teacher have limited technical means.

Available to them, “the Russian school” back in March proved to be very clumsy with this influx of users. Therefore, in our class the teacher decided to conduct lessons in real time using the available instant messengers on the phone, they benefit every child. Together with the children they have created a group in Viber. She sends strict instructions and voice messages with an explanation of the material, it is possible to quickly conduct a survey on the principle of “agree – disagree”. Accepted and enhanced voice message if they are correct – press ‘like’.

the Children liked it so much that many have forgotten that this lesson is not a game. Everyone wanted to speak, instead of hands they were sent to a cool chat stickers than nearly killed him. Had to go to rebuild. After the lesson, the teacher selectively interviewed some of the students, calling them by video conference. Making sure that the son says asshis home, the poem by heart, without looking at the textbook, then gave him five.

to Consolidate the knowledge the children have on the platform, where the teacher gives them free access to jobs at a specific time.

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