Online found generic way to overcome insomnia

In the commercials paediatrician and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky netizens found a universal method to fight insomnia. The doctor said that he had received many letters with gratitude, as his voice helps them sleep. Video published on the YouTube channel of a specialist.

Komorowski noted that a huge number of people got acquainted with its rollers during a pandemic coronavirus. However, many found that their voice has a soporific effect. “I’m with my years of insomnia (I’m 56) have found a treatment: it’s your voice, Mr Komorowski”, — he wrote one of the spectators.

in addition, some parents noticed that the video Komarovsky about the coronavirus help their children fall asleep faster. “My daughter (8 years old) sleep under your answers every day and doesn’t want to listen to the tale,” — said the doctor another spectator.

the doctor said that, according to his employees, for them his voice has the opposite — evoking effect. He added that he seriously think about how to record a cycle of tales for children.

Earlier, Komorowski spoke about how to disinfect the protective mask recommended to be worn when leaving the house in a pandemic coronavirus. In his opinion, necessary to treat them in a special way is not: it is sufficient to wash them with soap and water.