so Far, the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus was significantly cheaper than the Top brands. Especially in the United States, the brand is very successful. With us there is not even a regular representation.

The take on retailers like, where the OnePlus 7 Pro for 819 Swiss francs, is available. By the way, despite the difficult Import only a little more expensive than, for example, in Germany.

The latest model for the first time to attack the flagships from Huawei and Samsung head – on and not just the price. In fact, the Huawei P30 Per less than 100 Swiss francs more, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 150 francs.

This is a new challenge for OnePlus. For now, the Brand is no longer just good and cheap, but slightly cheaper. The requirements are on the rise. Of 7 Per, you expect top quality, it must be able to compete in every area with the flagships of Samsung or Huawei.

Display and Design are outstanding

The first impression is impressive. Because the OnePlus 7 is perhaps the most beautiful Smartphone on the market. The high-resolution and bright Amoled Screen is nicely drawn on the sides, top and bottom, there is almost no more. The 6,67 inches large Screen comes to its best advantage.

Yes, it is possible to the manufacturer even, compared to Huawei and Samsung, once again, more of the screen, so the phone was noticeably bigger. Once the 90 Hertz refresh rate. It is ideal for Games, but also the Transitions between Apps and menus, and wonderful liquid.

A Notch or a recess for the Selfie Cam, there’s not. Which is integrated into the housing and out of the drives, if you want to photograph yourself. Also an eye catcher. Of course, such a mechanical component is more vulnerable than a built-in camera, but it should not shorten the life of the mobile phones.

it Is dropped, a the camera quickly. In the VIEW Test that worked without any problems. The safety mechanism is fast enough that the time is enough also, if the cell phone drops from 20 centimeters down.

The back of the 7 Pro is not spectacular, beautifully finished and elegant, but a bit boring and, above all, slippery. In addition, the triple-camera is easy. The housing is by the way quite water, even if the appropriate certification is missing. The has saved the manufacturer.

Top features – only wireless Charging is missing

The good feeling the on Android 9, based surface. The looks nice, it runs really snappy and has a nice slim. The book also includes practical tools, such as Time-Gestures. To draw with the Finger a circle on the switched-off Screen, immediately starts the camera.

In the basic version there is the latest and fastest Snapdragon 855 processor with 6 GB of memory. To 128 GB of memory, which, unfortunately, is not expandable. Two SIM card Slots are also Standard.

The first class facilities include a 4000 mAh large battery, holds also for Hardcore Users a day. A pity only, you can not recharge this wireless. This is probably the only Feature that is missing compared to the absolute Top of the line equipment.

A fingerprint Scanner below the Display, however, OnePlus has built-in. The shows the so far nice Animation when you unlocked the phone. But he’s like the competition just not quite as precise and fast as a normal Scanner.

The camera stops at the front, but that’s not

so Far, the cameras were the weak points of the OnePlus one models. In this area we noticed the biggest difference compared to the 300 or 400 francs more expensive models.

Now the price difference has become smaller. And the manufacturer has upgraded the camera significantly. You get a Triple-camera with wide-angle and Zoom – as is now so common.

The System is confident and can compete in almost all areas, with Huawei or Samsung. Is excellent the Bokeh effect, so if you want to automatically portraits are created with a blurred Background. In difficult lighting situations, such as Against strong backlight, the 7 Plus photos with a little less dynamic than the competition.

The selfie camera with 16 mega pixels is good, but you would have expected the spectacular Slider-staging somehow something more spectacular results. For this, there is a night mode that brings in the darkness of wonders. Too bad, there’s the not for the wide-angle lens. And a shame also, does the mode really only when it is completely dark.

The VIEWS of the test conclusion of the OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro convinces with the best price-performance ratio at the Top. However, the distance to the competition is not large. In a positive sense: that is, in terms of quality and Performance. But also in the negative sense: Because the 7 Pro is not much cheaper than comparable devices.

a Design, the Display, and a sleek and fast operating system But more important, the more likely it is to overtake in the personal ranking OnePlus even Huawei and Samsung. From 500 Swiss francs more expensive iPhone not to mention XS Max at all.