Many people find nose hair rather unpleasant, although it is a completely normal side effect of aging. But should you really pluck or cut the little hairs? A doctor has advice.

If you want to pluck away unsightly nose hair, you should disinfect the tweezers beforehand. Dermatologist Marion Moers-Carpi recommends this in the magazine “Apotheken Umschau” (Issue 6A/22).

Background: Since the nasal mucosa is well supplied with blood, germs could get into the bloodstream through non-disinfected tweezers and cause a bacterial infection.

Dermatologist Moers-Carpi also points out that the fine hairs in the nose fulfill an important function. Because they filter viruses, bacteria and dirt particles from the inhaled air.

Therefore, you should not aim for a clear cut, but ideally only shorten the hair that protrudes from the nose. However, pointed nail scissors are not suitable for this: the risk of injuring the mucous membrane is too great. Better are special scissors that are rounded.

Alternatively, you can use a nose hair trimmer. According to Moers-Carpi, however, they have the disadvantage that the nose hair grows back relatively quickly after using a trimmer.