According to the Association of Towns and Municipalities, German municipalities are threatened with a massive shortage of staff in the next few years. “In the next ten years, 573,890 public sector employees will leave the local authorities. That corresponds to about 30 percent of the staff,” said the general manager of the association, Gerd Landsberg, of the “Bild” newspaper on Wednesday. Even with advertising and bonus programs, this gap cannot be closed. There aren’t enough offspring.

The municipalities would therefore have to cut services in the medium term, said Landsberg. “Some regulations and services as well as legal entitlements have to be suspended or, if necessary, revoked.” As an example, he cited the legal entitlement to all-day care in primary school. This will not be implemented across the board.

“The more than 100,000 educators required do not exist and they cannot be hired at short notice,” said Landsberg, adding: “Quite apart from the financial and spatial challenges.” There must also be more standard services in municipal matters instead of individual care , emphasized the head of the association. In addition, the range of digital services in the authorities must increase.