Oncologists will be obliged to verify the diagnoses of children in Moscow because of frequent errors

the Ministry of health asked the National research medical centre of pediatric Hematology, Oncology and immunology (SMRC) to them. Dmitry Rogachev to develop regulations mandatory check of the biomaterial of children with cancer, because now a third is exposed in the regions of incorrect diagnoses. The doctors also asked the health Ministry to check the “old” drugs for the treatment of children with cancer because of their toxicity and claims to quality, according to RBC.

the Ministry of health asked the National research medical centre of pediatric Hematology, Oncology and immunology (SMRC) to them. Dmitry Rogachev to develop regulations mandatory check of the biomaterial of children with cancer. This was stated by the President of the SMRC Alexander Rumyantsev. According to him, the Protocol of the meeting on ensuring children’s medications, signed by Minister Mikhail Murashko, came to the center on February 21, a total of 19 orders to various departments, including the health Ministry and the Ministry of industry and trade.

According to Rumyantsev, SMRC on behalf of the Ministry of health is developing a procedure for the provision of medical care for Oncology and Hematology, which involves mandatory verification of diagnosis in regional laboratories. Now, when reviewing the material obtained from regions in the centre reveal about a third of the incorrect diagnoses that result in a wrong treatment.

In the minutes of the meeting in the Ministry of health also contains instructions to the chief specialist – the expert in laboratory diagnostics to develop requirements to the activities of clinical diagnostic laboratories. It provides for the certification of laboratories in the regions that analyze the research and give a diagnosis. It is also due to the fact that the lab made a lot of mistakes.

the Protocol of the meeting also contains an assignment to solve a problem with providing children with cancer an effective medicines. In particular, ROSstavnezer must carry out random quality control of various products for medicinal use in children. The oncologists sent to Roszdravnadzor the list of ten drugs in respect of which asked me to provide selective formcontrol. Special attention, according to Rumyantsev, called medicines of the Russian manufacture – asparaginase and vincristine.

“These drugs are old, for many years, we would like to meet highest international standard, as they are used in many treatment protocols for children,” – said Rumyantsev. According to Maccana contained in the list of ten drugs have low activity or toxic, and negate the results in the treatment of leukemia.

In a joint letter of oncologists and hematologists are talking at least seven drugs, after which, according to SMRC them. Dmitry Rogachev, the most frequent complications, is methotrexate (manufacturer “Veropharm”), vincristine (“Veropharm” ROSC), asparaginase (Veropharm), carboplatin (“Dabur India limited”, “Veropharm”, LANCE), daunomycin (Veropharm), imatinib (“pharmsynthez”, “Nativa”, “Pharmstandard-Ufavita”), Cefotaxime (“Biochemist”).

the Protocol contains a proposal to the Ministry of industry and trade to support of JSC “Omutninsky scientific, experimental-industrial base” in the production of domestic L-aspirasi. According to Masciana, she’s oncologists are satisfied, but the production company does not give them the whole country. Another order given to the Roszdravnadzor suggests screening undeclared impurities in drugs. According to Rumyantsev, Russia does not produce some products with a low content of preservatives, which are necessary for the treatment of children with cancer.

In early January, more than 500 Russian families whose children suffer from cancer, wrote a collective letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, asking him to stop the program of import substitution of medicines. Parents said that hthe children suffer from severe side effects of drugs produced in Russia, among them internal bleeding, loss of vision, hearing and even paralysis. The authors of the letter noted that domestic products were not clinical trials on children and that “many deadly side effects can be avoided by just following the treatment protocols, and applying the original medicines.”

Late parents supported 142 leading Russian oncologist and hematologist. They also wrote an open letter calling on Russian health officials to establish the purchase of imported medicines for children and to refuse the use in the treatment of domestic generics. The doctors also pointed to serious side effects and unproven effectiveness and warned about the growth of child deaths directly related to the replacement of original products with their domestic counterparts.

Previously, the leadership of the National medical research centre (SMRC) Oncology, Blokhin said about the low efficiency and the lack of evidence of several Russian safety of generic drugs used in anticancer treatment and supportive therapy. According to doctors, for the treatment of malignant tumors are used as antiseptics, and Russian counterparts, but a significant part of Russian generics cause side, including neurotoxic effects and ultimately affect the treatment outcome. the plot, in which experts commented on the inefficiency of the Russian generics, removed from the air on the First channel.