anyone Who drives in the small classes of the motorcycle world championship, has a big goal: the ascent to MotoGP. The last German Pilot who did it, was the Swiss Tom Lüthi. As the Moto2 world Vice-champion of the jump into the Premier class, he managed to 2018. In the Marc VDS Team, he piloted a Honda RC213V.

In the MotoGP Podcast ” recalls the 33-Year-old about how it was to stand with the heroes of the two-wheeled sport in a starting lineup. “It was very special. This year, in 2018, had Valentino Rossi are some problems in Qualifying, he was often a little further back, and thus relatively close to me.”

“That was really extraordinary,” he says today, “because I used to be in my room with posters of Rossi on the walls had.” To share with his Idol, the track was a dream come true.

MotoGP debut to the disappointment

“But in the end, you have to make because of his Job and try to be as fast as possible,” says Lüthi and there: “for me, That was this season, but unfortunately simply not possible.” The Swiss made it is not even in the points while his team-mate Franco Morbidelli 50 meter import.

internal strife to team boss Michael Bartholemy, with the result that the Marc VDS retired at the end of the season from the king class were Added. All in all, had presented Lüthi his Rookie season in the MotoGP different. His decision, in 2018, to ascend, was well-considered.

“It was the best offer I have had to date,” he recalls. “Before that, there were a lot of talks, but nothing came out, which would have made for me really made sense. This time it seemed to fit and made, in my eyes, sense. When I look back now, things changed very quickly.”

season of 2018 opened Lüthi eyes

had been at the time the contract is signed, it is “a really good opportunity,” “and I have taken”. Even if it turned out differently than hoped for, it is Lüthi happy about the experience he was allowed to make.

“You learn so much more in times when things are not going well. It opens the eyes. And in 2018, has done just that. I knew after this season, I have to change things that I need to change my preparation, my attitude. New thinking, different thinking. In this respect, I do not regret it,” he says.

Although the 33 to is-Year-old: “of Course, one thinks back to have been and asks: What would be, if I had this and had that. But that does not help me in life.” Therefore, he directed his focus back on the Moto2 to be able to, as before his ascension to wins and title fight.

Successful Moto2 Comeback in 2019

“That was absolutely the goal. And it was hard work to get there. A year ago, before the first race in Qatar back in Moto2, I was really nervous. I knew what I had to expect, where I stand. It circled so many questions in my head: Am I good enough, can I compete with that?”

After the race, in the Luthi victory by only 0.026 seconds missed, had fallen to him then a huge stone from the heart. “Because I knew that I’m still good.” The Moto2 itself experienced a Renaissance, helped him.

Because the middle class of the world championship went with the more powerful Triumph engines, and a new electronics Unit, and you should bring it to the MotoGP in more detail. Lüthi says: “The Moto2 championship is still far from the level of MotoGP, there is a big difference. But with the Triumph Era has been approaching a little.”

“We also have some more electronics to the bike, though not nearly as much as in MotoGP. The change for me was still positive, but also mentally. I went back to Moto2, but it was not the old Moto2, but something New. It was important to keep the Motivation.”

This article was written by Juliane goat spirit

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