The President of France Emmanuel macron may 8, according to tradition lit the flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under the arc de Triomphe in Paris. However, already contrary to tradition — it is only among a narrow circle of military and politicians, active and retired. Says the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarhanov.A year ago, on the day of the capitulation of Nazi Germany Parisians and tourists crowded along the Champs Elysees, to see the ceremonial passage of the President surrounded by the horsemen of the National guard, from the Palace of the Elysee to the arc de Triomphe. On the square bearing the name of the Free French General and first President of the Fifth Republic of Charles de Gaulle, lined up representatives of the armed forces, veterans of the Resistance and all the wars waged since then, the country. It was a real treat, no worse than the 14 of July — Bastille Day — or victory in the soccer championship.On Friday, troops on the occasion was represented by just their commanders. Group of generals and admirals were placed on posts marked with the arrow on the pavement, the military head of the army chief of staff General françois Lecointre. And civilians leaders — Minister Florence Parlee and Secretary Genevieve Daricek — expected arrival of the President along with the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, have decorated themselves for the occasion, a broad tri-colored ribbon over his shoulder. Previously, Mr. Macron to the area were its predecessors, the first, Nicolas Sarkozy then françois Hollande. Came the heads of the Senate and National Assembly, Gerard Larcher and Richard Ferrand. Gathered about twenty guests, but still on the vast circle of the area with 12 radiating streets at the foot of a fifty-meter arch group looked very lonely.Why the President of Macron at the first point of his route on the area of Clemenceau at the monument to de Gaulle waited a few relatives of the General and soldiers of honor. Was hoping here for a meeting with the President will arrive the son of the hero, Philippe de Gaulle. But at the last moment, the relatives decided that the retired Admiral, which this year will be 99 years old, better to sit at home.Laying a wreath at the monument, Emmanuel macron went to the arc de Triomphe, which was in the twentieth century, witness to many events. A hundred years ago under its vault was buried French soldiers, one of the unknown fallen of Verdun. Eighty years ago the Arch saw the result of a Grand defeat of France, the parade passed down the Champs-élysées of Nazi troops. And seventy-five years ago on the night of may 9 is celebrated the victory and freedom — the signing of the German army’s unconditional surrender.Photo: Francois Mori / Pool / ARS 1946 it became a national holiday. French presidents twice — first de Gaulle in 1959, and then valéry Giscard d’estaing in 1975 — canceled it not to quarrel with the German allies, but for almost forty years, Victory Day is celebrated every year.Under the gaze of cameras all picturesquely observed meter distance, making the ceremony looked even more cold and formal than usual. The President lit the fire previously disinfected torch, signed the book of honorable guests private safe pen and, when thoroughly rubbed his hands with an alcohol gel uncorked for the occasion and stood on the Desk of the bottle. Usually vociferous “La Marseillaise” performed by four singers from the Choir of the French army, trying to fill in the votes of the space under the arch, thanks to the microphones, it failed. The President talked with the generals and admirals, particularly pausing before the commander of the French naval forces by Christoph Prisacom. Perhaps he exchanged a few words about the sanitary problems of the fleet and what happened in March-April, infecting the flagship aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, for a month incapacitated.All noted that the President and his entourage, as there were with open faces. Masks were worn only by journalists and cameramen. However, rules are not violated: no hugs, no handshakes, no cheering citizens in the streets. Earlier, the President macron called on those wishing to celebrate the Victory of the French people put up flags on Windows and balconies — as it was during the liberation of Paris. But in modern French the real release and a real treat expected until Monday, with the end of the quarantine.