Alexander Dobrovinsky, the lawyer of the family zakharovykh, announced the important news that will become public on Tuesday 11 August at the court session on the case of Mikhail Efremov.

“You all will hear on Tuesday because… there will be some meaningful to us for any event in the process, which very much will put in its place, and all will become clear”, – quotes the lawyer of RIA Novosti news Agency.

As for the prospects of the case, then Dobrovinsky bound by rules of professional ethics.

He said that never said that Michael Ephraim will be convicted.

“at least don’t have that right. However, I carry out the will of their principals, and we’re going to prove his guilt. But to be convicted or not, we’ll see soon”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the users of social networks began to discuss several versions of the causes of fatal accidents.

Thus, some have suggested that Ephraim insane specially drove to the scene to put the blame on him for the death of a person.

Others believe that driving the car he was sitting employee of the institution, where a few hours before the incident drinking actor.

According to this version, the culprit escaped before the appearance on the scene of an accident police officers.