Far West, a 12-seat bar inside another bar – Baby – presents its second “study”, titled Diversity. Here is finally a cocktail experience that demonstrates that a complex liquid composition can transport as much as a dish, if not more – alcohol helping!

The three-step tasting experience is an invitation to fully savor each surprising sip, in a very cozy setting. It’s also an invitation to travel and discover, since Niko Ouellette, the Far West mixologist, was inspired by three different cultures to create his recipes.

We will simply reveal that the tastes and flavors are borrowed from Ukraine, Iraq and Malaysia, so as not to spoil anything (disclosure).

Trained at the National Theater School, host Niko is also a good storyteller. Each of its cocktails, accompanied by a small bite, has a story.

The hour and a half that the study lasts quickly passed. At $115 per person, taxes and tip included, it’s not that much paid for an outing of this caliber.

Far West is open Thursday through Saturday. There are two services, one at 6:30 p.m. and the other at 8:30 p.m. As the experience is paid for when booking online, no transaction takes place on site. If you want to stay, the whole Baby later becomes a bustling nightclub.