the document said that now most of Syria is under the control of the legitimate authorities, and transboundary mechanism is no longer relevant. This allows you to go to the delivery of humanitarian assistance, including in Iglinsky area of de-escalation, through the government-controlled Syrian territory.

“In this direction a major step was the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution 2139, extending cross-border mechanism to provide humanitarian assistance to Syria with the use of only one checkpoint “Bab-El-Hawa” on the Syrian-Turkish border. And only thanks to the consistent position of Russia and China was able to adopt a final document that takes into account the real situation “on the ground”, – said in a statement.

In Damascus and Moscow do not doubt that with the implementation of the resolution of the UN security Council the delivery of any humanitarian assistance to the population of the province of Idlib must be confirmed with the Syrian authorities and to clarify the lists of humanitarian goods distribution organizations. “It is important to exclude the use of a transboundary mechanism for the supply of fighters of the terrorist organizations that use humanitarian aid to the UN as leverage over the civilian population and openly cashing in on the supply”, – emphasized the leaders of the interdepartmental coordinating staff.

This state of Affairs, according to them, continues to remain in the refugee camp “of Lukban” on the territory occupied by the United States 55-kilometer zone of the al-TANF. Here, as mentioned in the statement, “controlled American side of the militants deliberately created the conditions in which people who do not want to fight and be members of any groups that do not receive food, medical care.” This, in particular, indicated by the break into Syrian government controlled territory, militants armed gangs. According to them, as the only way to survive in the “Rukmani” and to feed their families, men are forced to join the ranks controlled by the United States armed forces.

the Leaders of the interagency coordinating staff noted that, despite the Syrian government a huge work on restoration of the destroyed during the years of fighting in the country’s infrastructure and safety of the citizens of the US and its allies continue by all means to hamper stability in the country. “Expressing its desire to help the Syrian people, the Western countries are not willing to lift imposed in violation of international law anti-Syrian sanctions, “crippling” the country’s economy and hindering its post-conflict reconstruction. Actively promoted the theme about the need to assist the population of Syria exclusively through Tr��ngranny humanitarian corridors, which indicates the intention to continue to support the militants-controlled enclaves with the aim of preserving the hotbeds of tension in the country.”

Damascus and Moscow has again urged the US to stop to have a destabilizing impact on the situation in Syria to strictly abide by international law, UN principles and immediately pass to the government control of all illegally occupied territories. “The further occupation of the United States and its allies in Syria only increases the suffering of civilians and delaying the return to civilian life in the country”, – said in a joint statement.