In the film industry there are rules that better not break. For example, to work with children and animals. The creators of the series “Dzhul’bars” violated both recommendations. One of the main roles in the film played the young actress, and another site had a whole pack of dogs. “MK” has learned the intricacies of shooting with a lot of animals and I remembered other projects where competition actors made up of four-legged Pets.

Go on the scent

the Series “Dzhul’bars” is dedicated to the heroic deeds of the soldiers of Kolomiya of the border commandant’s office, where in 1941 were not only people but also dogs. The top dog role went to dog, pedigree of which was a husky and wolf. “Actor” appeared to be quite young, loved to play, alive to all the movements of the people on the set, but the team performed well. The main problem when working with animals was the fact that the participation of two dozen dogs. Some of them brought to the place of filming in the Crimea from St. Petersburg, found someone on the spot.

the living conditions of the four-legged movie stars was downright resort. The cages on the beach, great food and good weather. But in the dog “rider” trainers prescribed point, which greatly influenced the life of the crew. It turned out that the dogs absolutely contraindicated the smell of tobacco and alcohol. Dogs are not like the smells that can be difficult to work animals on the set. In the end, at the time of filming was declared prohibition, and Smoking had to be equipped with special places at a distance of 200-300 meters from the dogs. “The first few days were very difficult, but a week passed, then another… You have no idea how nice it is when you start to smell at the level of the dog. Wake up alert and fresh group,” — says the Director of the series Ivan Surowiecki.

In bed with Bonneuil

In the TV series “Dog work” full-fledged partner of the actor Vladimir Epifantsev was a Golden Retriever named Bonia. Epifantsev plays a brave police officer-cynologist, Bonia and his faithful dog. Four-legged actor has charmed the entire crew. The dog was so clever that sometimes showed even a kind of sense of humor and all participants of shootings would not be surprised if one Them suddenly spoke. But sometimes there were difficulties. The owners great job with Boni and so the dog does not steal food from the table and growls at people. And the script Beaune had to do both, so getting into character took a while. Sometimes to cause the dog’s aggressive reactions the actors had to get on all fours and growl at the dog. However, much more Boni frustrating episodes in which the heroine Irina Lacinai expels him from his bed, because Zach��life, while the dog was allowed to soak with the owners.

stand-in for the stars

the Second season of the series “Return of Mukhtar” lasted for fifty episodes and shooting this kind of project should resemble the conveyor, eliminating downtime. Shooting in parallel were two Directors, and Mukhtar was ready to play from four dogs. Moreover, the distribution of roles between them resembled a Hollywood practice, in which the star is involved only in those scenes where there are close-UPS and text, and in the rest of the extras are removed, disguised under the stars. In the “Return Muhtara-2” “face” worked dog named Zeiss. He did excellent team and worked well on camera. But after the tick bite the Zeiss is slightly stretched hind legs, so for scenes in which the dog must jump on the offender with a view to knock him down, appeared more youthful and healthy Zeus. While on the site, just in case together with another two dogs — Baxter and guy. They were ready to replace if necessary “star” and his stand-in.

Family business

For shepherds Earl and Mukhtar shooting in the series “Dog” became something of a family business. Earl was the partner of actor Nikita Panfilov’s in the first three seasons of the series, but at the age of eleven years, the dog died. Change the column came his son Mukhtar, who starred in the fourth and fifth season. Despite the direct relationship of the father and the son were completely different characters. As I recall, of course, the Count in the frame could be anything: a very active and very calm. His son has a more phlegmatic character and at first Mukhtar did not understand what was expected of him and in the frame was very awkward. But experienced dog handlers found the approach to “actor”, as his partner Nikita Panfilov. At the time of filming he was almost the only man who fed the Mukhtar and walked with him and soon the dog was downright in love with the actor. By the way, unlike his father Mukhtar has been more flexible, and if the Count during the filming of bitten quite a few people from the group, his son does not allow this. Well, almost not allowed.

Experienced filmmakers suggest equal rights for the set of children and dogs and not to stretch them working shifts longer than four hours. And no matter how hard it was to work with young and four-legged actors, there is always a high probability that your charm they will be able largely to compensate for the dull script and a Director.