The wines of Domaine du Nival may never have known such tasty contrasts. This Saturday, July 15, the team at the one and only Merci la vie, in Piedmont, is preparing a six-course meal, based around cuvées selected by the winemakers themselves, Matthieu Beauchemin and Fannie Boulanger.

When you know the cuisine of head baker Albert Elbilia and the rest of the all-star team of Valentin Wajda, Nicolas Branchaud-Thomas, Samuel Aubuchon, Guillaume Brusheau and Lilia Andoni, you know how capable these flavor creators are. unexpected arrangements, but always perfectly harmonious.

This first country dinner of the summer (Merci la vie normally only open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday to Sunday) will be no exception. For example, you can enjoy a half-cooked tandoori trout on crème fraîche with lemon and mole, in keeping with the Matière à discussion cuvée (vidal grape variety), and a porchetta with sancho pepper, with burnt green onions and Korean cucumber salad to pair with Gamaret du Nival (cuvée One of these four).

Both inside and out, the frame of this beautiful bakery table is elegantly rustic. In addition, the service is always very kind, under the influence of the always benevolent co-owner Johanne Martineau. A promising experience, at $180 per person, before taxes and service.