Whether it’s après-ski or on the sidelines of a trip on Highway 10, there’s one more reason to stop in Orford: Café Bowen.

During the day, we stop there for a coffee (or why not an espresso martini), a reinvented Pop-Tarts or a grilled cheese with ash cheese from La Station with vegetables and focaccia bread baked in the wood oven.

For an aperitif, we opt instead for the charcuterie board washed down with a glass of privately imported Loire white wine from the Symbiose agency or a Quebec wine (from the Négondos, L’Espiègle or Bergeville estates).

Recently, tasting evenings took place in collaboration with Les Huîtres de l’Estrie and the Interlude Nouveau Monde agency.

We like to hang out outside on the Adirondack chairs, wrapping ourselves up in blankets (we promise hot cider for the winter) or at the counters in front of the upstairs windows.

Everything is warm and very tasteful: it must be said that the owner Johanne Depelteau is a culinary stylist. But be careful, part of Café Bowen is the “Base Camp” of the Pied Sportif boutique. So you could come out with takeaway meals, but also a bike or a Rossignol snowsuit!