Section “Running” on a platform #Mosqueteros replenished with new, as well as the author’s routes. The heroes of the new materials, coaches, professional runners and Amateurs for whom running has become an integral part of life.

So, shared their experience, the chief architect of Moscow. He engaged in athletics since the age of 14, regularly participates in marathons and considers running as his main sport. Sergey Kuznetsov is sure that the serious approach to running requires lessons with a specialist to learn important General physical preparation, and proper post-workout recovery.

how to do a running walk as comfortable as possible, said General Director of ANO “Russia — country of opportunities” In March 2015, he took part in one of the 20 most extreme races in the world — the Baikal ice marathon and took second place in his age category.

Their ideas and cross-country lifehacks shared a fitness coach and champion in bodybuilding competitions Victoria Kiseleva, sports photographer Ekaterina Zykova, IT-specialist Lyudmila vasyutina and coach Maria Legina. They talked about favorite running routes in Moscow, gave advice on production techniques and other useful running tips for beginners runners. For example, do not expose yourself to excessive loads, choose comfortable clothes and shoes, set a regular schedule of training to use a special app to run.

in Addition, in the “Run” is available So you can run along the quays to visit the most picturesque corners of the city or to learn more about the architecture and history of Moscow on the thematic cross-country trips. The site also includes a few new routes to professional runners, which will allow you to enjoy the sunset in the capital, to enjoy the panoramic views of Central Moscow and relax from the city noise in nature.

#Mosqueteros — online project, launched by the Moscow Committee for tourism together with the cultural sites of the city in March 2020. Here you can virtually visit the tour to listen to the lectures, to see theatrical performances, cooking shows, fashion shows and much more. Visitors of the website available to the virtual walks, workshops, shows and other events.