To Ursula Nold (49) is the first Migros-President, has thrown the former Migros boss Herbert Bolliger (65) even his intentions. After his resignation as Migros-chief by the end of 2017, have not made actually to Express himself in public more Migros-themes.

“For Ursula Nold and for the future of the Migros I, as a Migros have broken-the owner of this intent on the last Friday for once,” he explains. Prompt the long-time President of the Migros-Assembly of delegates, Ursula Nold was born on Saturday, of this body chosen. The official candidate Jeannine Pilloud (54), Ex-Head of the SBB passenger traffic, lost significantly.

errors in the Evaluation

Bolligers Intervention was successful. He emphasises: “From now on, I’m going to follow my intent, and the “flap” to keep.” The rebellion of the Ex-Migros-heads shortly before the election, Jules Kyburz (87) and Anton Scherrer (77) participated.

of the 110 representatives of the ten Migros cooperatives selected at the end of “their” President, is not surprising. But how it came to be that the new women in the Presidium of the 23-man management of the Migros cooperative Federation (MGB) was supported neither by the administration nor by the joint evaluation Committee officially?

The biggest error was, according to an Insider from the Migros-management, that the requirement profile, the experience of the Migros to little weight. By the selection Board extensive experience in the operational management, the digitization and Transformation is valued more, it is preferred an external candidate clear.

Pilloud was not Migros-compatible

It was not too little is taken into account, the direct type of SBB-Manager Pilloud with Migros will be compatible. Migros internally, it was not good that Pilloud said in the run-up to the public, that she wanted to go in to the Migros “pegs”. In the case of SBB, they had a hierarchical Top-down leadership in the usual way. However, a Migros-the President needs to do, especially in convincing the cooperatives.

According to the qualified Insider Nold was not nominated, a lecturer at the Pädagogische Hochschule Bern, because of the requirement profile is met in the absence of economic experience.

Regardless of how unprofessional the choice of the largest Swiss employer was: Ursula Nold is from 1. July is the successor of Andrea Broggini (62). To judge them today, would be premature.

Migros under pressure

Nevertheless, more Difficult, your output might not be able to. Migros is under pressure from the Online and overseas competition and is likely to present numbers this Tuesday for another day of weak earnings. The removal of Duplication between the Autonomous cooperatives, especially in logistics, is long overdue. Also, to a greater degree of centralization as power competitor, Coop, two decades ago, will not come around Migros.

However, it was just the low-income cooperatives in the Romandie and in Ticino, the would have to lose the tag the most to the Nold in the choice of the most supported. The new President of Trouble is waiting.