Some might say, “That’s what we thought of right away!”, but now we know for sure. “You can tell me how to write a hit,” DSDS candidate Riccardo Colo tried to get tips from the grand master of pop. And Dieter Bohlen was in a mood to provide information: “How does it work? Most of the time I sit on the locus.”

For many who are critical of Bohlen’s popular hits, it may be a pleasure to imagine the Maestro sitting relaxed in the little room and flattering the chorus of “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”. Thanks for the pictures Dieter!

Anyone who teases out such exclusive information from the “Pop Titan” must be rewarded. Especially when he looks so pretty and sings so beautifully like Riccardo, half-Italian from Wuppertal, does. During his lecture, all the jurors were very enthusiastic, only in Pietro Lombardi it was palpably seething, something was damming up.

But it wasn’t a world hit that erupted from him, but rather a clumsy ecstasy. He hopped onto the jury table, yelling “Yeah, you’re my salvation”, threw away the recall slip and pulled out his golden CD, which he pressed into the hand of the honestly perplexed candidate. Riccardo was richer by the direct ticket for the foreign recall and Pietro was difficult to calm down. “He’s only at 60 percent, we’ll make 100 out of it. He’s coming to the live shows!”

Of the twelve daring people who faced the jury around Dieter and Pietro as well as Katja Krasavice and Leony Burger this time, Tatjana Ivanovic (19) from Pfäffikon (Switzerland), Angelica Pollarca (24) from Rüti (Switzerland) can do it even without a golden CD. , Marleen Schäfer (19) from Karlsruhe, Seynabou Sow (18) from Lohfelden, Vivien Vervegaert (28) from Weeze and Kyle Jerz (23) from Krefeld.

Seynabou Sow’s performance was particularly beautiful (Dieter: “You radiate an incredible calmness and that’s exactly how you sing”) and Vivien Vervegaert’s was particularly experienced. Which is no wonder, because she has been in a band with her dad for eleven years. Marleen Schäfer, on the other hand, has a great voice, but it tends to shake when she gets stage fright – which she unfortunately did. That has to be stopped before the recall, but Pietro was confident: “We don’t need perfect singers, we need ones we can work with. You did very well.”

Marleen would probably do well with the looseness of Tatjana Ivanovic, who first did a cartwheel in an extremely cool way and landed directly in the splits – and afterwards made her grandmother, her great musical role model, proud with four yes votes. Angelica Pollarca had the most touching story to offer. When she was a small child in her home country of the Philippines, she was a talented singer, but her rude father used her up in singing competitions and punished her if she “only” got second place.

No wonder she lost the desire to sing. Now she has found it again, thanks to the children in her kindergarten who encouraged her. It didn’t stop with the touching story – Angelica convinced all the judges with her voice.

Things got tighter for Kyle Jerz. He’s a basketball crack and threw a few balls with Pietro, but he couldn’t convince Lombardi vocally. After another no from Katja, the yeses of Leony and Dieter saved him in “overtime”. The joker vote decided. He had chosen Dieter (Bohlen: “What a smart person!”) And still moved into the recall.

Unfortunately, Alissa Piskeborn (27) from Gebesee, Sallie Prieve (21) from Hamburg, Nizar Ben Amara (21) from Kaiserslautern, Julian Meggers (19) from Wedemark and Sam Schmidt (21) from Berlin were denied this for understandable reasons .

Alissa Piskeborn, down-to-earth car tuner from Thuringia, and Sallie Prieve, Hanseatic glamor lover, are fundamentally different. But according to the unanimous opinion of the jury, they have one thing in common: neither can sing.

Sam Schmidt can’t really do that either, but at least he can bawl. He wants to make it on Ballermann with his own song “Leony”. After he gave quite a lot of döp-döp-döpt and lines of text like “Leony, you sweetheart, tonight you will be my mare”, Pietro could understand: “That could work on Ballermann.” Leony (ie the real one) but also: “I’m guaranteed not to be your mare!”

Nizar Ben Amara built a total loss with “Roller” (Apache). But he had hardly prepared himself, which made Dieter scold: “If you continue with this attitude, I see black for your life.”

In contrast, Julian Meggers is bursting with passion and fervor for DSDS. He would certainly be able to help the editors as an archivist or know-it-all, because he knew the order of the season winners better than Pietro Lombardi, and Bohlen was somewhat appalled (“Dieter, do I really have to explain something about your own show to you now?”). But unfortunately he can’t help the format as a singer. As the winner of the anniversary relay, he will have to remember a name other than his own.

Lucas Cordalis did not exactly become a crowd favorite in the jungle camp. Even behind the cameras there was little sympathy for Daniela Katzenberger’s husband, as show author Micky Beisenherz has now revealed.

Anne Will surprised a few weeks ago with her soon-to-be talk show – something has also changed privately with the presenter: she is said to be newly in love. Her new friend is 26 years younger and writer Helene Hegemann.

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