the First channel Cyril Kleymenov considers that the police officers of the United States are powerless suffers. This opinion he expressed in live in the story about the medals of the Moscow police officers injured in the shootout.

“As I said, this isn’t America. Our police officers are not powerless victims, they’re heroes. On Monday afternoon, risking their lives, police defused at the South-West of Moscow, a dangerous criminal. And anything it for it will not, except for awards and honors,” said he.

Earlier it was reported that on June 15, on Leninsky Prospekt, the traffic police stopped a taxi for a traffic violation. From the car staff went on 24-year-old Ratmir Galaev, at first he was flailing his arms, and then pulled out a gun and opened fire. Police used the weapons. During the firefight, two police officers were injured.

In the United States, law enforcement officials kneel in solidarity with participants of mass protests against the murder of an African American George Floyd.