Dortmund Manager Michael Zorc (57) referred to him once as a “century Talent”. According to the sporty and heavy rental stations in Hoffenheim and Norwich Felix pass lacquer (21/market value: Euro 1.5 million) is now fighting in Holland-club Sittard to his return to the Bundesliga. Like to BVB, where the right defender until 2021 under the contract…

IMAGE: a gain for the BVB defence to Sittard?

pass lacquer (laughs): “it’s possible. When I return in the summer after the end of the loan to Fortuna Sittard for BVB, I am looking for the same course in preparation for my Chance and will give everything to get in the new season as much as possible use of time.“

IMAGE: Sittard you are the leader of the group. Why don’t you stay there?

pass paint: “I am just extremely a lot of thoughts about my future. Would like to exclude, I nothing. I enormously appreciate that, me Fortuna has brought in the Position to play me back in focus. However, If I should still let me a year to rent, I would have to renew my contract in Dortmund, the first time in a year. Then I would have next season with the same Situation.“

Under Ex-coach Jürgen Klopp (l.) sniffed passport paint for the first time, a professional air photo: picture alliance / dpa

IMAGE: your goal in the Bundesliga?

pass paint: “it is Quite clear, Yes. But the important thing is my next Station, whether in Germany or abroad – that I take the next step and regularly in games.“

IMAGE: master player, you’ve only been this season in their 3. Rental station. Earlier in Hoffenheim (2017 to 2018) and Norwich (2018 to 2019) came to a total of only ten professional panels…

pass paint: “To Hoffenheim, I moved just before the end of the season preparation and had it hard, in a perfect Team to get in. In retrospect, I have to say that The exchange there was not the right step. In Norwich, I started well, then a weaker period came at the end of the preparation.“