When checking into a Tui holiday plane, a family notices that their daughter’s passport is missing. The family is separated, the father and the seven-year-old have to stay behind. But then something unexpected happens.

Briton Adrian Insley vacationed with his partner and four children on the Canary Island of Tenerife. On the way back, the passport of the seven-year-old daughter suddenly disappeared.

Insley told the local British newspaper the Nottingham Post that he and his family still shopped at the duty-free shop. But when they wanted to get on the Tui plane, they noticed that the passport of the seven-year-old daughter was missing.

“I’m very organized with my passports, I even have a bag for them,” Insley is quoted as saying. “But this time my partner said she needed a giant pass to buy anything at duty free and put the pass in the shopping bag.”

At the security check, the father noticed that the duty-free bag with the passport was nowhere to be found. “I spoke to security and they told me that my daughter cannot board without a pass.”

The family separated, Adrian Insley stayed behind with his daughter. “My children cried, my partner cried.”


“I did not know, what I should do. I had to find accommodation, I had to find a means of transport and I had to organize a temporary passport,” says the father. Meanwhile, crew members on the plane tried to calm the crying children.

The staff on the other planes had asked all passengers to check their bags and the bag and passport were actually found. However, the plane was already on its way to the runway. The steward then approached his family on the plane and asked if he could come to the gate. Then the unbelievable happened: The pilot turned around and took Insley and his daughter with him.

The happy family man tried to thank Tui. “But they only have a portal for complaints.”

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