Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (37) is currently on his well-deserved vacation with his family. But even this doesn’t stop him from training – it almost provokes reactions.

David de Gea responds to Ronaldo’s post: Even the summer break hasn’t stopped Cristiano Ronaldo from working on his perfect fitness. This shows a picture on his Instagram channel from the gym, in which he shows off his six-pack and his muscles. His teammate David De Gea ironically teases Ronaldo with the words “It lacks a little fitness”, reports “Manchester Evening News” – while the pictures prove the opposite.

Short, compact, clear

Training camp in Carrington: Next Monday some players from the Manchester United squad will meet for the training camp in Carrington. Those who have recently traveled with the national teams will join a little later.

Preparation begins without Ronaldo: The 37-year-old represented Portugal in the most recent international season, appearing in three of the four UEFA Nations League games. That’s why he’s not among the first players to start preparing for the new season with Erik ten Hag next week.