Digital travel services Russpass presented a selection of places at ENEA, where you can do scenic photography. The route starts on Central Avenue and ends at the observation deck of the landscape Park.

Visitors are encouraged to pay attention to both sides of the Central alley. It’s called the alley of Cosmonauts — here Soviet cosmonauts returned to Earth from orbit, and their families planted 76 trees. Alley was established, when cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev planted the first walnut tree in memory of the lost colleagues and friends of Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Komarov.

Make colorful photos you can and V. here all year Round a lot of greens thanks to evergreen rhododendrons several types of juniper, mountain pine and boxwood. During the renovation of VDNKH there appeared pergola, on the supports which in summer and autumn winds the grapes.

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In a landscaped Park ENEA created a system of flower beds. Irises, asters and cornflowers growing at eye level, forming an abstract painting in the spirit of the paintings of Vasily Kandinsky. In windy weather the whole “picture” is set in motion that allows you to make spectacular images.

Also in the landscape Park passes. She runs the treetops of the oak forest Sheremetev, whose average age exceeds 150 years. The height of the towers and spans in some areas reaches 6.5 meters, walk along the ecological trail is available around the clock. The evening and night throughout include lighting.

Kaskad Kamensky ponds with a fountain “Golden ear” also do a walk through ENEA memorable. Besides, from the observation deck landscape Park offers a great view of the ponds.

recommended for All photography places can be visited free of charge.

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