In an interview, the head of the FDP and Federal Minister of Finance, Christian Lindner, of all people, was open to a speed limit on German autobahns. But the politician links his statement directly to a condition that is clearly aimed at his coalition partner, the Greens.

“I would be ready to say immediately: We will set a speed limit in Germany if the nuclear power plants run longer,” said Lindner in the “State of the Nation” political podcast. The “Stern” reported first. The statement is surprising, since Lindner and his party were strictly against the Greens’ proposal. Less than a month ago, Lindner reiterated on Twitter: “I think a general speed limit on German autobahns is unnecessary. One needs bans where they are necessary – not as an end in themselves.”

Lindner also described the discussion as “stupid” and “ideological” in the podcast. Accordingly, Lindner is an ideological tip against his coalition partner, the Greens, but also admits that the FDP is also against the speed limit for this reason. The condition that Lindner sets is unlikely to be realistic. Because phasing out nuclear power is one of the core issues of the Greens.