A tragic accident occurred on a company premises in the Schmalau district of Nuremberg on Monday morning (May 27th). While loading or unloading a truck, a 47-year-old was hit by a 400 kilogram glass suction cup and died on site. The criminal police have started investigations.

On Monday morning (May 27th) there was a tragic industrial accident in the Schmalau district of Nuremberg, in which a 47-year-old truck driver died on site.

As the Middle Franconian police explained on Tuesday morning, a 47-year-old truck driver was busy loading or unloading a truck on a company premises on Wetzlarer Strasse between five and seven o’clock when, for reasons that are still unclear, a glass suction cup weighing around 400 kilograms came up the 47-year-old fell.

Employees who found the man immediately called emergency services and began resuscitation. The 47-year-old was so seriously injured in the accident that he died on site.

The Nuremberg criminal police have now taken over the investigation to clarify what happened in the accident. However, there is currently no evidence of foul play, the police explain.

By Johanna Michel

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The original for this article “Tragic accident: Man (47) is buried by a 400-kilogram machine and dies” comes from northern Bavaria.