Actually, Günther Jauch (63) had yesterday to take on the “star TV”-Sofa space. 30. The anniversary had been planned for a special episode with the Ex-host of the program. But currently, another topic engaged the audience much more than a TV-birthday: The Coronavirus. Therefore, Oliver (42), and Amira Pocher (27) took, among other things, with enough distance from the Moderator on the Sofa to talk about their disease.

“The first step before the front door led us to the “star TV”, so sad is our life now,” joked the comedian after the Welcome by the Moderator Steffen show. (48). The couple experienced the Coronavirus, first-Hand, the two were tested positive. “It started at some point in the Evening, with a dry, hacking cough. (…) Since we have joked: You Corona,” says Amira from the symptoms. “Then I put myself to sleep and the next day noticed something was wrong. It went on with very, very bad headache. Then pain, muscle pain, limb – like a flu that goes around.”

“It is a scary feeling.”

The worst was however, the loss of taste and smell have been: “It is a scary feeling. I lay one night in bed and was in the verge of a panic attack, because you can’t smell it. This is very bad. You will feel trapped in my own body.” In the case of Oliver, the symptoms have been much less bad: “I once had a bit of fever and chills. But I’ve always wondered: Could I occur now? And that would have been possible every day.”

Actually, the comedian is currently on Tour. Instead, the couple had to spend the last weeks in the own four walls. Still, Oliver made almost every day in the headlines. Because the Comedian did a Live-stream on Instagram, interviewed other celebrities in Isolation or quipped in a number of Videos against the Influencer. Moderator Steffen show. not asked, therefore, whether Amira Oliver’s large Output was also a little on the nerves. “It would have been funny if it would have been different,” says Amira.

Amira wanted Oliver to the Conscience

speak Only in his Influencer-Rage-Talk to have been beaten by her husband sometimes on the strands. “He is always so bluntly and directly, and not everyone can handle that,” says Amira to. You have even tried to talk Oliver into the Conscience, as a call from a man to a Influencerin came that she was pregnant: “I told him: she’s not well, who is pregnant, and now she gets hate comments. So you claimed, but I didn’t believe that she’s lying.” Used have your Ask, because, also in the TV-Studio Oliver shakes just in disbelief with the head, and pulls a Grimace.

The couple took advantage of the quarantine, in addition to on the Internet against a more serious issue, proceed: pedophiles on the net. A friend of Amira has made it to the attention of as many Instagram pages of pedophile there is. The Pochers made a Video. In the meantime, the couple is even directly with Instagram and the German state office of criminal investigation is in contact, such as Pocher reveals: “But it is, unfortunately, a barrel without a bottom.” (klm)


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.