New lover Olga Buzova – David Manukyan noted the opening of shops after quarantine, making a foray into the Department store, where I put a huge pile of money. And the blogger did not hide it and happily boasted shopping before subscribers.

“the Mood lifted as we could and raised the million spent on purchases of Cum,” he reported beloved the leading “House-2”.

The video blogger has shown that is the happy owner of sneakers from Versace for 60-70 thousand rubles, Balenciaga jackets for 90 thousand, as well as heaps of designer t-shirts and shorts.

“Ol, I’m sorry,” sincerely apologized, and Manakyan, pokracovanie in front of the mirror in one of the new looks.

By the way, it’s not the biggest waste Dawa quarantined. Earlier the lover Buzova bought a luxury car for 10 million rubles and a Rolex watch, which he now happily shines in front of the camera for any reason. But the car Manukyan some reason is hiding, proudly stating that this model is one in Russia. Apparently, we are talking about BMW X6 M competition.