Oleg Tinkov is leaving the post of Chairman of Board of Directors of

Oleg Tinkov Oleg Tinkov
AGN Moscow / Kirill Zykov

Russian banker Oleg Tinkov March 19, transferred its ownership of shares in TCS Group family trust, in the coming weeks, the banker intends to leave the post of head of the Board of Directors of “Tinkoff Bank”, reports “Interfax”. He owns 40.4% of the TCS Group.

“I have always regarded its stake in “Tinkoff” as a long-term strategic asset that my family and I want to save for the future. In this regard, in October 2019, I began the process of transferring rights of ownership my shares of “Tinkoff” from two private companies that control I personally, in the family family trust Tonkovich. This will keep shares in the family under any possible circumstances, even in the event of my death,” the statement says businessman.

Now the businessman is in London, where he is awaiting trial in a dispute with the IRS it will be held on April 27. In March, the U.S. justice Department has accused the founder of TCS Group of concealing information on assets of $1 billion Place Tinkov was taken by the Chairman of the Board, Director of the business development Bank Stanislav Bliznyuk, the message group.

To the Board of Tinkoff Bank is still comprised of six senior managers: the Chairman of the Board Oliver Hughes, his four Deputy financial Director Ilya Pisemsky, risk Director Eugene Ivashkevich, Director of payment systems Anatoly Makushin, Director of the legal Department Valery tags, as well as chief accountant, member of the Board Natalia Izyumova.

it is Expected that the Bank’s Board will included Vice President for information technology Vyacheslav Tsyganov after his approval by the Bank of Russia.

“Tinkoff Bank” pon the end of 2019 took 14-th place in terms of assets in ranking “Interfax-100”.