a Recent prisoner, 43-year-old former inhabitant of the Crimea Oleg Sentsov, with the approval of President Vladimir Zelensky received a million dollars to shoot another movie under the working name “Rhino”. Money is allocated by the state budget of Ukraine – in addition to exactly the same sum expected from the European Union (rumored to be from Poland).

the Winner has responded to financial success in his own style. That is easy. “If my friends and enemies I hope that after receiving the money I’ll shut up, they’re wrong. Because to buy, coerce or intimidate me you cannot. I always say what I think. And do not betray yourself and your country!”.

the Future of film by Oleg Sentsov – the third in his creative list. But not the second, as he wrote the majority of Ukrainian media. Between the movie “gamer” with 20-thousand budget and have not removed the “Rhino” by Oleg Sentsov managed to do in collaboration with the popular Crimean Tatar actor and Director Ahtem by Seitablaev – “Number”. Eponymous play Sentsov was written in 2011 in the genre of dystopia.

the Second film protégés gathered at the Berlinale film festival to full houses. Work on the film was, to put it mildly, not entirely familiar. Sentsov, who is serving a sentence of North Caucasian district military court assigned 20 (twenty) years in a strict regime colony, interacted with Seitablaev by… paper mail. Simply speaking, his participation in the film “Numbers” – more symbolic, you can not seriously count on the actual implementation of the shooting process on the letters.

whether the “Rhino” in the same phantasmagorical creature as “Rooms”, hard to say. Sentsov had planned to start the shooting 7 years ago. Under President Viktor Yanukovych, the project won the 3rd round of the competition applicants for state funding in 2012. For various reasons, the signing of the state Treaty with Sentsov postponed twice. The issue price then was $1 million, the Government of Mykola Azarov was willing to Finance 43% of this amount. May 10, 2014 winner of the creative competition was arrested by the FSB of the Russian Federation; later he was accused of membership in a terrorist group.

Shooting a full-length play “Rhinoceros” is expected to start this fall. To participate in thereof, it is desirable to gain strength. Therefore Oleg Sentsov went to Iceland on a week-long vacation.

In Ukraine, the allocation of “substantial” amounts of public funds reacted ambiguously. Part of the Ukrainians who sympathize with Vladimir Zelensky, burst into angry remarks. Sentsov not hesitate in the past to go on anti-presidential event where simply expressed their own attitude to the “antics of the jester”.

“the war In the country, floods, fires – and you took the money for the film, which could not be removed, – wrote in social networks Natalia Dobrovolskaya. – Money g��state… But maybe it would be better to direct them to what is currently most important?..”.

“the Money to children in complex operations collect “who will”… make a list of the money to the sick children, hundreds of them… and the movie can wait, not to the movies now… don’t stoop to the level of villains of yesterday and today”, says Roman Petrov.

“the Great Director”, a liberal and a supporter of the free market in Western patterns Oleg Sentsov in his film “Rhino” somehow received state funding in the amount of 25 million hryvnias, – resents Kiev businessman Eugene Otovic. – Why do not crowdfunding? Why investors have not walked? Why he needs my money to give, and me without asking?”.

On his return from the Northern seas Oleg Sentsov will be busy not only with filmmaking. At a fraction of “the Voice”, which not so long ago left her frontman Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, seriously considering the option of election of the Director by the leader of the eponymous political party.