As the region is going through a difficult time of the pandemic coronavirus infection, in exclusive interview “RG” told the Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako:

– the Situation with coronavirus infection in Primorye is not simple. Honestly, I expect that will be a reduction in the number of cases – on the basis of the undertaken measures. For example, we have reduced the flights connecting the region with other regions of Russia, became a Chinese transit passengers. The first wave of infections came to us on airplanes.

Since the announcement of the pandemic to us 84 thousand people flew in from Moscow and other cities. Of these, about 3 thousand citizens of the PRC, some of which have already been infected, all flew together with healthy.

Now comes the spread of infection within the region.

Understand the uniqueness of Vladivostok is that most businesses here must not be closed.

over 900 thousand workers of the Primorsky territory continues to work about 500 thousand.

it is Impossible to stop the operation of sea ports, cargo terminals, Railways. Army and Navy have to live your usual life.

will Not stop the fishing and fish-processing industry. And all this is concentrated in Vladivostok. Of the 600 thousand population of the city almost half of the work.

Strengthening of the monitoring group on the companies that strictly monitor the implementation of necessary sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Every morning and every evening in the government of the province is monitored all the necessary information on COVID.

Launched the regional infectious hospital with 948 beds in the presence of a 342 ventilator 663 beds are equipped with oxygen supply.

In the region there were two outbreaks – when caught about a hundred health workers. One in the so-called tysyacheletii hospital of Vladivostok, the other at the ambulance station in the city of Nakhodka.

Tysyacheletia – it’s a big hospital there the ambulance to urgently carry people with different pathologies.

Brought a person with an injury, it must save and discernment, he has the virus or not, doctors just no time. In this case, the contact is inevitable. Many doctors worked part-time in other hospitals, and that led to an infection.

yet employees of the ambulance station in Nakhodka. Appropriate services worked quickly, who need to have defined the quarantine. We for two days was replaced by 138 people from other parts of the province brought physicians.

All repurposed and redistributed so that the population did not notice this temporary medical migration.

Note, most people are sympathetic to the situation.

We go learn to repel the attack of the virus, and on the go decisions.

One example: as soon as the situation began to deteriorate, we made the decision to close all hairdressers, salons manicure and pedicure. And then I realized that this solution is not entirely true.

People find it very difficult to give up the life they used to get a haircut at regular intervals, to take care of the nails.

Shut hairdressing master went home to customers. Promonitorili, each master per day sometimes two or three people, almost every one of them does not live alone, with family… we Have two thousand hairdressers and approximately the same number of manicure and pedicure. Considered the range of their communications and alert. And decided to open salons. It is easier to observe and control all security measures.

I am Sure that the virus will recede, all will be over and we will rebuild a normal life. Just time it will take more than the usual elements. Take, for example, flood water came and the water was gone.

Recall the terrible floods we experienced in 2013 in the far East! But for three or four months was able to recover. There will be the same. Just more time gone. But we still all will be adjusted. We have no other option.

the Main thing – is necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially older people. The rest is fixable.

455 cases of novel coronavirus infection was in the Primorsky territory since the beginning of the epidemic. In recent days revealed 25 cases. Since the beginning of this year, 61 people discharged after successful treatment from the coronavirus, four of those infected died.

Experts have noticed that most of the infected COVID-19 in the province were women.