The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, praised their fellow citizens for the observance of precautionary measures during the threat of the spread of coronavirus infections on the territory of the state, RIA Novosti reported. In this case, said a national leader, he did not have to enter any restrictive measures.

“our People – well done,” – said Lukashenko.

He noted that the majority of Belarusians do not abuse the appearance in public places, limiting themselves with shopping, pharmacy, to work or to study.

“Old people – are generally, well, just handsome,” said the President, without explaining, however, what exactly is the merit of the elderly.

the Lukashenko: in Belarus the number of deaths from the coronavirus in five times less than from alcohol

Lukashenko stressed that Belarus had not imposed any restrictive measures. Citizens was enough to convey information about the possible consequences of the epidemic in the country.

“So that’s our style, our system of combating coronavirus,” – said the head of state.

The Belarusian leader said that despite the increase in the number of infected in the last time, he hopes to “finish the Saga” in a month.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus does not refuse from the parade on Victory Day. The President of Belarus stressed that special event to convene citizens will not, as there are already thousands. Including Russian MPs and senators.