football in the St. Gallen aspen moss without Kurt Furgler? Almost unthinkable. Whenever possible, sat the CVP-politician, hearing of 1971 to 1986, to the Federal Council and three times by the office of the Federal President was held in the ancient stadium on the main stand. In the so-called presidential range, the top of the stairs, on the players of the catacombs were on the lawn, sat Furgler on his wooden seat.

Three weeks after the aspen moss stadium sent into retirement, and at the other end of the city to the AFG Arena (today Kybunpark) was inaugurated, died, the uncle of the current FCSG-President Matthias Hüppi on the 23. July 2008.

Furglers wood seat goes to SP-man

On the aspen moss 11 years after that, only the main grandstand. The women of the FCSG play their home games in the Holy cross neighborhood.

The aspen moss grandstand will be renovated in September, it will be fitted to new chairs. The old seats were removed last week at a Abholfest and for 20 Swiss francs (including Bratwurst and beer) are purchased.

the famous wooden seat of former Federal councillor Furgler has a new owner: It is reported, the “St. Galler Tagblatt”, Daniel Kehl. For Non-St-Gallen: Kehl is a member of the SP, and sits in the St. Gallen city Parliament.

bet that Hüppis uncle, turned from 1955 for the CVP in the national Council (and later in the Federal Council) was sitting in the tomb?

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