The Oktoberfest is celebrated since 1810 on the Theresienwiese in Munich. What to know: celebrate the wedding day of king Ludwig l. and Princess Therese of Saxony. Today, it is primarily the love of too much beer, which drives the masses into the tent. In Switzerland, the convivial party is becoming more and more popular.

On the benches dancing, with Thousands of hits roar and mass jugs brace: The Oktoberfest in Munich, the largest folk festival in the world. The Oktoberfest Guide VIEW answers the most important questions to be Mega-fun.

in order To enter the cups on the Wiesn in no fat, some tips from the Oktoberfest Survival Guide.

Oktoberfest etiquette: What is allowed On the benches dancing is in order, of the tables you should get better feet.
Look at and Flirting is allowed, who is a Deandl (a pretty girl who is still unmarried) to grabs, captures, however, is at best a decent clip around the ears.
attention men! Knot means tied to the Dirndl apron on the right: I am married. On the left, however, I am still have to.
A reservation is not a Must, but advisable. Those who find no place at the table, is also not supported.
have it no Matter how much of a hurry you: controls with a serving tray on the shoulders always have to defer to.
they Wear traditional costume: Cheap plastic dirndl are frowned upon in Munich.
If you overdo it with the consumption of alcohol, come out of the closet as an inexperienced Tourist.
vigilante justice is dangerous, should you have any problems with Drunks, solve the Problem about the folder, never in person.
your Own food and beverages are not allowed on the Oktoberfest. The input controls in the rule. With these tips, you make a fool of himself for sure not women wearing Dirndl. Alternative: Jeans, plaid shirt, and sturdy footwear.Wrong: “A beer, please!” Correct: “A Mass!”. Men lift the Mass with one hand. Ladies are allowed to take the second Hand to help.With spells it drinks better: “Oans, zwoa, g’suffa” roar, toast, and then down tilt.Beer never in the stone jug of drink, but always in the glass. Only then can you see what is swimming round in there.

Who wants to be there for the dress code costumes fashion is. Especially for the female visitors of the Oktoberfest, the Styling is important: Dirndl-Trends come and go every year. VIEW shows which models in 2019 are a Must and which should rather remain in the closet to hang. So: Pack ma’s!

The 186. Oktoberfest starts this Saturday in Munich. What is the Mass of beer costs this year, and how expensive the perfect Outfit? VIEW makes the Check.

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