32-year-old fashion model Oxana Samoylova forgave many of infidelity and drug breakdowns of his wife, 34-year-old rapper Denis Ustimenko-Weinstein (better known as geegun) and allowed him to return to his family. At least, so says the famous Telegram-channel “Just anyone”, citing sources close to the couple. Recall that a month the musician was in rehabe, trying to recover from severe forms of drug dependence.

“Oksana took Dzhigan home. Exactly a month he sat in the hard Russian rehabe and begged forgiveness. Oksana at this time capitalized HYIP. According to various estimates, this month she earned about 5 million rubles. And that’s without going on the TV — purely on Insta and contracts with brands. As they say, everything that is done — for the better,” the authors “Just anyone”.

Recall that after the scandalous gap dzhigan continued to admit Oksana Samoilova in love, saying that the family is for him the meaning of life. However, the bitter experience of the model until the last moment did not want to listen Ustimenko-Vanshtein. The fact that this one had been broken repeatedly, and all his promises were lies. However, even in this situation Samoilov decided to give your spouse another chance.